Thursday, April 10, 2014

DAY 25 - Tour of New Orleans, Louisiana

Submitted by:  Chuck and Gayle Ingham #10

It was a relaxing sunny morning for everyone. Some were doing laundry, washing windows, strolling and visiting.  At 9:30, our wonderful leaders brought out fresh baked breads and coffee. We all gathered around to visit and discuss future trips, where we may meet up again.

Karen Henning passed Foxy on to Sharlet Seale for all her good baking at all our functions and just being nice.

At noon, we all loaded into our tour bus driven by Ernest, and were joined by our tour guide, Roland, and his wife Paula. We were driven to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival at Jackson Square.

We all set up our chairs to listen to music, stroll the French Quarter, and watch people.

Roland, our guide, divided us into 2 groups and gave each group an hour and a half walking tour of the French Quarter, pointing out the architecture, oldest buildings, and a little history of the French and Spanish influence and the impact to the City of New Orleans.

Of course, we can’t go into the French Quarter without visiting Pat O’Brien’s, and having the famous hurricane. With drinks in hand, we continued our walking tour.

Roland walked us back to Jackson square, where he picked up the second group to walk.
We sat and listed to music and strolled into the French market, had po-boys, browsed the market, and walked along the river, and wandered back to the music. Others went to Café Dumond, the cooking school outlet and searched for souvenirs.

About 5:00 we all gathered up our chairs and hiked through the crowds along the river to our bus and back to our rigs.

It was a lovely day in New Orleans.

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