Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 24 - Travel Day to New Orleans, Louisiana

Submitted by Karen and Speed Henning #8

First of all, Speed and I, and we are sure the whole group would like to thank Skeeter, Pat, Spence and Madi for an excellent Cajun Crawl trip through Louisiana. We have never laughed and had so much fun, and it's not quite over yet!  So, we have 4, 3 day left no?  Right Pat?

Today was a travel day from the beautiful Houma area to New Orleans!

Since it was a travel day I'm going to share a few pictures that we took when we were in Lake Charles and had some free time and went down to Cameron and Holly Beach.

We certainly had a variety of weather.  I was able to catch a nice sunset and a rainbow on our travels.

We had our morning briefing in Houma and then Speed, Jim, Sharlet, and I took off for Cocodrie where we saw some beautiful homes and shrimp boats!

We then headed for New Orleans. We have come to the conclusion the highest elevation in the state is the bridges over the Mississippi River!

We ended the day with the delicious Cajun shrimp and crawfish outdoor picnic with beautiful weather and of course our  great group of people and Pat teaching Speed and Sharlet the proper way to peel shrimp and crawfish!

Happy happy and safe trav'ling everyone!

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